Friday, January 21, 2011

Celebrities Love The Milk

01. Susan Sarandon
Campaign Got Milk was launched at the initiative of the California Association of milk producers in 1993, and over the years with the famous milk "mustache" for posing nearly 300 actors, athletes, models and musicians. Let's look at milk lovers, including many American celebrities of music, television and sport  They’ve accomplished this feat, by being a spokesperson for the ‘Got Milk?‘ campaign. For some reason, I find this beyond amusing. More images after the break...
02. Meredith Vieira

03. Al Michaels, Frank Gifford and Robert Costas

04.Jennifer Hudson

05. Tyler Florence

06. Sheryl Crow

07. Taylor Swift

08. Danica Patrick

09. Dara Torres

10. Elizabeth Hurley

11. Glenn Close

12. Ingrid Hoffman

13. Kathy Smith

14. Marg Helgenberger

15. Rebecca Romijn

16. Sara Ramirez

17. Shawn Johnson

18. Suze Orman

19. Serena Williams

20. Trisha Eavud

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