Monday, February 7, 2011

Lindsay Lohan To Be Charged With Grand Theft By Monday

Trouble looms ahead again for our favourite fame whore Lindsay Lohan after last week’s “Jewelry heist scandal” where the D-Lister was accused of stealing borrowing a necklace worth $5k from a L.A. store then was stupid enough to be photographed wearing it.

As the L.A.P.D. prepared a search warrant for Lilo’s house, the necklace in question was handed in to the cops by one of Lilo’s “people, sources now reveal the the D.A. has been after Linds for quite awhile & will go ahead with FELONY charges of grand theft against Lilo possibly as soon as today (Monday!), possible sentence..3 years in federal prison!

We were so proud of her strength as Lindsay still had the courage to go out on the town.

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