Monday, February 7, 2011

Shia LaBeouf Handcuffed After Bar Fight

Transformers hottie Shia LeBouf was detained by police over the weekend, after a bar brawl at the “Mad Bulls Tavern” in Los Angeles where the actor was called a “fu*king faggot” & punched in the face by fellow drinker after refusing to give his autograph, but..

Sources in the U.S. now report that Shia was drunk & told the fan to “get the fu*k out of his way“ before getting back out of his car & reportedly chasing the fan down & started to “chest bump” him, punches were thrown including from the bouncers, with seven squad cars arriving within minutes Shia was cuffed & questioned by police, no charges were filed & everybody was released.

Just a typical night out for Shia it seems.

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